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The background and history of Joy Wai Gallery Chelsea/NYC features cutting edge contemporary art and fine art photography. JWG has become a pivotal nexus for the contemporary art world and a broader spectrum of artists, critics, curators and collectors. While increasing its NYC audience and gaining global recognition. In 2014, we unveiled Art Highway Program, our most innovative platform. Providing professional services connecting artists and buyers with new dimensions, materials and vast experiences; Art Highway Project is immersive resource to link these five major cities: New York, Beijing, Hong Kong, Miami, and Los Angeles.


About Joy Wai

Founder, President Joy Wai lives her motto, "Art is life, life is art". Her grandfather, Hui Xiao Tong, was a distinguished ink artist and collector in China. He also co-founded Beijing Fine Art Academy. As a child, Joy was introduced to art, growing up in his studio. This experience shaped her life, and the seeds of art continued to be cultivated by her beloved mentor grandfather. Today, Joy's passion and love of arts have created her path to engage the art world.

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